Testimonials from our guests

Scenery from the camp.

Here is what our guests have to say after a week with Westwoods Outfitters.

2012 Guestbook Entries

Great hunt!!! The moose hunting is incredible and the scenery is fantastic. We had excellent guides who really know what they are doing. The camp was well facilitated and very comfortable and clean and the food was outstanding!!! A first class operation. Thanks to all the professional staff and ownership.

Chuck Muir, Northville, Michigan

Had a wonderful hunt, the guides were great and the food was excellent. Our group of four went 100% on moose.

Richard Becker

Great hunt, great food, great guides.

Terry Birchbound, Macomb, MI

Great hunt, great food, great guides and first rate operation.

Joe Perxzut

Thanks for making my first moose hunt a great one. Good people, great cabin and territory. Excellent food and good looking cook, sorry Stewart.

Thank you, Dwight Brooks, Punxsutlwney, PA

Thanks for a great and the best food. Shot small bull but it will eat good, thanks to everyone.

Terry Wenver, Red hook, N.Y.

Thanks for a great hunt, food and all the people in camp. Pasted up a few small bulls then got a nice 8 point. THANKS Calvin for crossing that river to go after the bull even though you canít swim. I had a great time and will be back.

Joe Ryba, Dickerson, Maryland.

A challenging three days of hunting with miles of tracking with Pius, resulting in a show down with an angry 9 point bull!! Mr. 325 WSM won that encounter!! Thanks Pius for pushing me. Thanks to Stewart and Dean for retrieving the harvests and a special thanks to Gracie who is as lovely, gracious, attentive and an amazing cook and baker!! Truly the icing on the cake to a great hunting experience!!

All the best, Brian McLaughlin

Missed Dion but Pius made up for the walking and showed me a nice bull. Always a great trip, this is my fourth trip and coming back next year. Graceís cooking is always great, all the guides are the best.

Kim Mitchell, Indian Lake, N.Y.

Had a great time, good hunting, good people, and good food. 1st class camp, see you again.

Allan Spellman, Warwick, N.Y.

1st trip to Newfoundland, we had a great time and all took bulls. This trip exceeded expectations, very comfortable camp, great food, good company. I will be back.

Pete Beisel, Esopus, N.Y.

Had the best trip in my life hunted with my brother. We both got great bulls, Jason is the man. Grace is the best cook in any hunting camp. Thank you all for the best time!!!

Jay Spellman, Esopus, N.Y.

I had a wonderful first trip. Grace youíre a wonderful hostess. Pius thank you for my first bull and your good work. Stewart thanks for making it all available. I hope to return with one of my sonís son.

David J Henzler, Buckhannon, WV

I had the time of my life. Jason our guide did a great job getting us on the moose. I shot a bull on Wednesday. I will be back. A big thank you to Stewart, Grace, Jason and the rest of the crew.

David Addorisio, Oneonta, N.Y.

WOW!! Very nice camp, enjoyed all the sites and walking. Jason is the man! Great hunting guide. Grace is beautiful and a great cook Ė Stewart is off the list of guys I feel sorry for. Dave and I got our moose Ė weíll be back Ė everyone is very professional. Thank you

Gordon Soroke, NY

Had a great hunt in a great area with great people!!! This is a special place with some beautiful but rugged terrain. I have to believe that Jason is part mountain goat, the way he goes up and down these hills. Iím still sore from Mondayís ďwalkĒ. Iíve made a lot of memories and the bull and meat are only icing on the cake. ďIíll be backĒ as Arnold would say!

Tony Warchut, CT

Hunted with Pius, saw more moose in 3 hours then all week hunting with that other guide (Dion) ha, ha. Shot my moose before 8am, it was 10 pts. Saw 3 bulls plus 5 cows. 11 years with Stewart, Grace and Dion. 11 bulls, good food, good guides, good outfitter, will be back next year. P.S. I hope that other guide reads this, your friend Ken. P.S. to the P.S. Peter and the devil made me do this!!!

Ken Becker, No Blenheim, NY

Second trip to Westwoods, Jason walked me off the end of the earth and back. But it was very much worth the effort. Took a nice 8 point bull at Willey Pond, to keep a 2 for 2 record. Great food, 1st class camp, hope to come back.

Jason Bruce, Louisa, VA

First time to Westwoods. Ken Becker has been after me for six years to make the trip. Guide Peter is very good, did a lot of calling, seen only cows in three days. The outfitter and guides worked hard to find me a moose, finally Stewart spotted a large cow below the lookout. Was great to have such good attention given to me. Super food from the kitchen of Grace (soon to be on the food network)!!

Steve Gruver, Oneonta, NY

Seen 20 moose in 4 days. Shot a 6 pointer, very satisfied with the hunt. Met 7 new hunters, as always very wonderful trip.

Emerie Maillet, NS, Canada

This is my first moose hunt!! The moose were not coming to the call and I didnít see my first moose until Thursday Ė didnít get off a shot. Finally shot a small bull Thursday evening. This is a first class operation and the country is beautiful. Peter, my guide, worked hard for me all week, thanks. A truly great trip and one I will always remember, thanks to everyone.

Rodney Gould, Unadilla, NY

What a great trip!! Super country!! Everyone very friendly, Graceís cooking was just fantastic. This was my first moose hunt and got one within the first 40 minutes of hunt. NEAT!!!! Will be back. 1st class operation!! Thanks.

Terry Morley, Oneonta, NY

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! This is the best trip I have ever had. Stewart, Jason, Grace and the rest of the gang are true pros. Hope to be back in 2 years.

Robert Calcavecchia, Effort, PA

Absolutely the toughest and most rewarding hunting trip I have ever experienced. Congratulations to Stewart and Gracie for a successful guide service and hunt, many thanks to Jason and Dean. Jason I hope I didnít work you too hard, ha, ha. Hope to return real soon. Thanks.

Tom Corvo, Colebrook, CT

2nd trip here hope to return in a couple years. Hunting is awesome, shot a big cow the first day of hunt. Stewart, Grace, Jason and the rest of the gang are great. This is the only place I know where you have to walk up the hill to get in and then walk uphill again to get out. Thanks.

Eli Rascati, Middletown, CT

Great hunt with Pete, 2 bulls shot, lots of bull in the camp too!!! Thanks for a great hunt!!!

Jamie and MyronYounker

Great stay, great food, great hunt. Thanks for a great time and a nod to Pius for the 10lbs we lost. Very impressed with all the guides and Graceís cooking.

Josh and David

First time to Newfoundland and 1st moose hunt, saw two trophy moose, ended up getting a nice 7 point bull, saw over 20 moose in 3 day. Thanks to Stewart and Pius for putting us on great bulls, will remember this hunt for a long time canít wait for the next time I can come down here. Cooking was great thanks Grace. Thanks to you all!!

Michael Wells

Another great hunt, like usual. Want to thank everyone at Westwoods Outfitters, great job. Big thank you to Pius for getting Michael his first moose and getting mind too. Great cooking, thatís a given with Graceís cooking. A big thank you to Dean for getting our moose out.

Lloyd Wells, ON, Canada

This was my first trip to your camp and definitely wonít be my last. I will be coming back in 2013, Graceís cooking was awesome, and Stewart and the guys are top notch guys and go out of there way for their clients. Very highly recommended.

Lou DiGiroland, Canada

After too much talk with Lou my first hunting partner I was convinced to come to Newfoundland and hunt. We had such a good time meeting Stewart, Grace and their guides, Jason, Peter and rest of guys. From now on if opportunity arrives to be here again I WILL BE.

Rico Carbojal