Testimonials from our guests

Scenery from the camp.

Here is what our guests have to say after a week with Westwoods Outfitters.

2011 Guestbook Entries

Our group of six came to Westwoods September 20th, 2011. None of us had hunted moose before. Wednesday night we had all tagged out!!! The guides all worded there asses of to get us shots. Dean worked to get the moose out of the bush and kept the camp going. Bonnie fed us like Kings, everybody was the best. We'll be back, we even became "Honorary Newfies".

Bill Schuber, IN

Awesome week with a great bunch of friends, left at the end of week with even more great friends. Bonnie was "excellent" in the camp house by feeding and taking very good care of us. Dion may be full of shit most of the time but is a lot of fun to be around. We'll be back.

Bruce Coney, LaGrange, Indiana

Great week with an awesome group of people. 1st time on moose hunt and will be back for another. Bonnie was great and I will need a diet when I get back home. Pius was great and got me within twenty yards of a nice bull. One thing I learned was two take 1 - 2 deep breaths before you pull the trigger. Thanks again to everyone.

Matt Eckert, Andrews, IN

Bonnie, what a week, she was the best cook, and overall good friend. The guides were great except for Dion. He always slept late, forgot his radio, boots or coat. Not Really. Dion was great. Scott was a great guide, he called a moose in that came right in front of the truck. I got a road kill bull. The camp was great, comfortable and great food. I will definitely come back.

Dan Konow, Fort Wayne, IN

I can't add much more than what the rest of our group said. All I can say is that the testimonials on the web site are an accurate reflection of the quality of the operation. A great value. We have already begun planning the next trip.

Mark Schefer, Columbia City, IN

What a great group of guys, although I didn't hunt I had a great time. The camaraderie is wonderful and I feel privileged just to be included. The cuisine was first class as were the guides and accommodations. Thank God all for a wonderful adventure.

Kenny Eckert, Huntington, IN

This camp has been everything they advertised - wonderful food - terrific guides - best hostess and host ever - great new friends!!! Buck got a wonderful, beautiful moose on Tuesday. The country is something else. Just awesome. We will never forget this trip and the stories we will tell about "My Duckie" and newfie jokes, Dion calling in to base camp I think he was home sick for base camp or maybe he was just a scardy cat & afraid to admit it, LOL. Stewart thanks so much with all the help and patience with Buck - it certainly paid off. So many new & wonderful friends from far of places who have touched our lives for as long as we live. Thanks to you all!!

Buck & Denice Lamb, VA

Went to spike camp on Sunday. Howard got 12 point on flat top and Ken got 10 point just of the flat top. Dion not around again had to gut my own moose and he still can't cook. Don't know why we put up with him, he says we are still in a training program. Well it seems to work we both got moose every time we have been here (10 times). All said and done Dion is great, he worked hard. As always we had a great time.

Ken Becker, Howard Atkin

We had a great hunt, killed Monday morning 9:00am. Guides are great, hard to follow Dean he never stops. Stewart and Grace are so nice and made us feel like home. Now Bonnie, be careful, she is a card shark at crib. She is a great lady and never stopped cooking and cleaning, made homemade bread and desserts are great too.

Jack Rochat & Terry White from Niagara on the Lake Ontario.

Came to camp with a hurt back. Stewart and Grace were great. Grace got me a shot at a small bull, had as much fun as I could. Bonnie is the best cook, anything you want she will get for you. I wasn`t able to do the hunt that I came for I will definitely come back. All the guides were great they hunted there asses off.

Kevin Olson, NY 1st time in Newfoundland and won`t be the last, four point bull on day two. Scott is half mountain goat, Bonnie is a great cook and Stewart and Grace are excellent hosts. Taking home some Newfie screech but coming back with a Newfie - English dictionary. Can`t wait to next year!!!

Jason Bruce, Virginia

1st time moose hunt in Newfoundland, killed a 9 point bull on second day of hunt. Dion did a superb job guiding and Dean never stops working around camp. Bonnie`s cooking is delicious, Stewart has a first class operation at Westwoods Outfitters. Looking forward to a future hunt here with a bigger bull next time. Thank you Stewart and all!!

Joel Bishop, PA

It was my first time to Newfoundland and it was a great trip. Stewart and Grace you have a great outfitting operation. The guides are all great, they don't stop and Bonnie is a great cook and a real hoot to be around. Dean knows how to do anything and does everything to make the camp run smooth. Thank you Dion for a great moose 6pts, I'll be back.

John Greene, NY

My first time to Newfoundland, if you want to walk, Jason is your man. Jim Zirkle and I had bulls by Wednesday, 7 bulls and 2 cows, everything was great. We really enjoyed ourselves here.

Terry Claypool, Jim Zirkle, PA

Another year gone by and another perfect hunt.

Emerie Maillet

Arrived on Sunday, October 9th, late afternoon. Wasn't long before the lodge was warm and cozy. We started our hunt Monday morning with Jason, spotted two cows, two calves and one bull. Tagged out Tuesday morning. Stuck around the rest of the week and enjoyed the great food, and accompanied other hunters to see even more moose. Had a great time and hope to be back again. Thanks to our guide Jason for a great week and to Stewart and crew for an overall excellent experience!!!

Mike and Garnet Connors, Brooklyn, Nova Scotia.

Stewart and his entire staff made this a hunt to remember! Great operation! Lots of memories, I`ll be back again! Thank you!!!

John F Bnarr, Rehoboth Beach, DE AKA ``Click``

This is the place to come and have a great time!! Even get a moose!!!

Dan Hutchison, Coldwater, Mich.

Had an awesome hunt!!!

Jon Jenkins

First class operation, thank you for the great time, we will be back for Bullwinkle!!!

Shane Grove

Got all 4 tags filled by Tuesday, 3 bulls and 1 cow. All had a great time!!!

Jim DeWitt, Joe Karlara, Josh Mattes, Frank Marshall, New York, Pennsylvania

Had a great time, hunted hard, shot a small bull before the storm came. Peter is a great guide, Dean and the J-5 is worth its weight in gold. Grace`s cooking is awesome, thanks to Stewart and Grace for a top notch operation. Northern Dutchess Archery will be sending clients your way.

Joe Yarlaro, Rhinebeck, NY

Had a blast, thanks for the lesson. Been waiting 20 years to shoot a moose, mission accomplished!!! Thank you.

Josh Mattes, Brooklyn, NY.

Leaving the camp with nothing but good memories. Tome Henderson and Dean Beckstead left yesterday with one stag and 4 moose. Heading back to Ontario, the boys are out chasing a moose for Cyril. Fog, wind and rain, we saw lots of young ones and watched Tom`s stag go down. Lots of action. Great food as always, Dan brought lobster for everyone from ``Collins Lobster`` in Alma. Grace kept everyone`s bellies full. Stewart put everything together for a good caribou hunt but he just can`t control the weather!! Better luck next time, we will be back. Got to catch the end of season whitetails in New Brunswick.

Marla & Eric Rossiter, N.B.

Shot a trophy woodland caribou and Mrs. Bullwinkle. I plan to return next year to tag Mr. Bullwinkle. Excellent operation all around, from guides, facilities, food and animals. Great ownership. Thanks Stewart, Grace, Peter, Dean and Jason.

Cyril Garland