Testimonials from our guests

Scenery from the camp.

Here is what our guests have to say after a week with Westwoods Outfitters.

2010 Guestbook Entries

4 bulls taken, 2 - 6 pts, 14 pt and 12 pt. Had a great time at Westwoods Outfitters, saw plenty of moose, weather was very decent, Good Food, Good People. Would love to come back sometime in future to enjoy this beautiful country again, thanks to all for a great time!!!

Steve Menuk, Kurt Reiter, Mike Minns and Charlie Trinkle, PA.

Great hunt, food outstanding, Jason our guide worked hard and got us two young bulls, two 6 pointers.

Jim Epling, Russell, KY & Marshall Julien, Westerville, OH.

Day one had rain all day, day two had high winds(hurricane Igor) three bulls shot, day three had a brilliant red sky in the am and one caribou shot. Day four and out hunting again I shot cow at 327 yards. Our 3rd visit to Westwoods Outfitters and other than the in climate weather conditions - our host Stewart, his wife Grace and our cook Ryan treated us to another enjoyable week. Returning here is like revisiting family. Enough cannot be said for their hospitality and general around attention to be sure that we have a memorable experience. Great host, Great food, Great camaraderie. Rest assure the moose are there they just made us hunt for them, the guides were terrific. Hoping to be able to return, if health allows it.

William G Smith, NY & Philip Parenteau, NY.

My fourth time with Westwoods Outfitters, what a great hunt, bagged two great bulls me and my brother in law the same day. Early morning hours, our guide Peter made every effort for our success, made a lot of new hunting friends and had a wonderful time and good food. One of the best experiences we ever had, awesome time.

Stephanos Gixuuxfopoulos, NY & Giulio Diuirgilio, NY.

I had just been laid off after 40 years in the ministry. Moose hunting was the furthest thing from my mind, when my friend Roger Rutter, said his son was not going to be able to make the hunt. Would I be interested in going to Newfoundland? It took me a few days to think about it/pray about it. When Roger's wife and my wife encouraged me to go... I took that as a yes. This is one of the best decisions I've made in a long-time. I have hunted whitetails all of my life but knew nothing about moose although I had seen & photographed a few in Montana. Thank you Jason for pushing me and calling in my 16 point bull. When I was your age I was a good walker and stalker too. I'm slightly disappointed that my hunt only lasted two days, you made me feel young again till the pain set in just before getting up in the morning. Most importantly as I write this Stewart is having lung surgery in Halifax. We have prayed for the surgeon's guided hands and we believe the outcome will be used by God to bring Stewart back to complete health. I am sorry that we didn't get to be with Grace or Stewart, our prayers will continue. Your reputation is outstanding. I would love to come back, there are already memories for a lifetime.

Doug Hill, NY area.

My third time back and as always a wonderful hunt and vacation. This year I was fortunate to harvest a 16 pt bull with a 45" spread. Truly a text book hunt. Scott is a great guide and an excellent caller. I was also able to witness my friend Norman's text book hunt again due to Scott's calling ability. We all wish for a speedy recovery for Stewart and looking forward to a return trip in 2012. By the way Ryan was a great substitute cook and camp manager but we still missed Grace.

Larry Gordon, East Brookfield, MA

Second time back and was fortunate enough to spot a nice 7 point 34" bull. All the guides were great and special thanks to Scott for a wonderful hunt. Stewart we all hope you make a fast and complete recovery. Thanks to Ryan for great food and hospitality.

Norm Pelchat, MA

Moose hunting is all about overcoming something, too much rain, wind, fog, moon, wrong tree, setup, to old of hunter, to young of hunter the list goes on. Yet here we are with moose in hand and somehow overcoming the issues and finding success. My hunting partner Ed Tracy and I drew the short straw and somehow got Dion as our guide. We carried him most of the week so he wouldn't look bad in front of the other guides, just kidding. Just in case this is your first hunt and you have Dion as a guide he snuck us to within 50 yards of our spike and cow. WE had a great time, made new friends and many more memories. WE missed Stewart and Grace but the boys and camp cook Ryan filled in wonderfully. Still can't understand everything they say but we laughed and nod like we do.

Gary Mattson, Green Bay, WI

Joyce and I got here at 10:30 pm on Sunday night because of ferry problems. We did not know that Stewart was in the hospital in Halifax, Grace was with him but she arranged to have cook Ryan work for her. Ryan was told that we would arrive late and had left us plates of food for a late supper. The next morning I got my gun and gear ready and left with Ken Clark and Dion, we drove to a location where Dion though there were moose and walked up the ridge. Dion called, Ken said he saw a bull and told us where to look. The bull started coming towards us and Dion had us draw straws to see who would get first shot. Ken won! They moved about 100 yards and told me to watch in case another moose came. I looked some but tried to keep a location on the bull coming toward Ken and Dion. I saw the bull almost in front of me when Ken shot, when I looked at Ken he was signalling me to come to him. Dion started to come get me, I hurried through the tangle foot and got behind the big rock. The bull was looking at us about 225 yards out. Dion whispered "don't shoot till he turns broad side". After about two minutes the bull turned and I shot, he didn't go down - I shot again. I must have pulled and missed, I shot again and he fell. Fourteen points is the best I have harvested. I can recommend Westwoods Outfitters. Thanks so much.

Tommy Overton, Louisiana

Tommy and I did the best we have every done, 8 point bull for me and 14 point bull for Tommy on the first day. Dion called in both bulls at the same time, one from over a mile away. One heck of a guide, he even took his time going up the hill. Ryan is a great cook, this is a first class outfit. My prayers are with Stewart and Grace, sorry to missed seeing you both. Thanks again to everyone, job well done.

Ken Clark, Buffalo, NY P.S. 10 hunters in camp & 10 moose taken.

I love this place!!!

Emery Maillet, N.S.

Hopefully by the time that we return this guest book will be filled. Both of us scored the very first day on our very first moose, a 9 pt & a 13 pt. We were both so pleased with our choice to hunt here. Peter, our guide, we are exceptionally pleased with, not just his calling but his dry sense of humour as well. Ryan kept us feed well at most anytime we wanted, food was fantastic. We enjoyed the scenery, wildlife, accommodations and friendship. We'd love to come back and do it again, and then we could also get to meet Stewart and Grace. Hope you mend as good as new.

Kael Mayer & Mike Rhadigan, SE Michigan

First visit and hunt with Westwoods Outfitters. Felt welcome from the beginning, all guides fantastic, friendly and professional. Ryan is a very good cook and good sport. Special thanks to Peter and Jason to go all out and beyond normal expectations. We took two bulls and one cow. Lots of animals and lucked out with good weather. Regret not meeting Stewart and Grace, Ryan said we had better cooking without Grace, ha, ha. Hope to return someday.

Jerry & Bill Hessell, Jim Gray, SE Michigan P.S. Stewart get well Soon!!

! I have been to Westwoods many times. Don't know what it is that makes me do it again and again. Maybe it's the mountains and the site of green and gold or the roaring white water. Maybe it's meeting new friends like Ryan and Scott, for sure it's got to be seeing old friends like Dean, Peter and Dion. It's for sure watching a superb guide like Jason do his best to assure you get the best ever. Just to watch the J-5 go through the bog is a thrill too. It may all come together when the crosshair comes on that moose. All good things must come to an end, Stewart and Grace we miss you, get well soon.

Ken Kopag, Hebron, CT

The place has been great, the guides have been great and so has the cook (Ryan). The area is not so great; it is likely to kill me.

Norman Souza, Bristol, RI

I want to thank everyone involved at the camp. My guide Peter was extremely talented and he got me my moose. Ryan our cook did an excellent job preparing our meals. The rest of the guides were very professional too. Thank you all.

Jean Larson, Bristol, RI

To all hands I thank you, good time, good food, and good people. Saw wonderful country.

Denny Amantite, Point Richmond, California. P.S. Thanks Peter and Ryan.

Everything was great, had a great time. Thanks to all.

Manuel Tavores, Bristol, RI

After a screwed up Ferry schedule and a day or two of rainy weather I have come to appreciate the skill and determination of staff here. I have had some great food here in camp, Ryan is the best camp cook I have run into. The hunting was great and Dion was determined to see that I got a moose. Shot a cow at 300 yards, my thanks to all.

Carl "Frite" Becker, Stanford, NY

I came up here with my husband Ray from New Jersey. We had the joy of being stuck with Dion, he took us to the spike camp on first day. I gotta say we saw moose (15 in total). However it was a challenge to keep up with Dion since I was taking 3 steps to Dion's one. OH WAIT let me back up and tells you.... DO NOT let Dion pack your backpack!!! I had to go through it with Grace (what an angel!) and she pulled about 20 lbs of canned goods out. So after chasing Dion through the woods for hours, he took us back to the spike camp, we didn't have any clear shots that day so he decided after calling me "grandma" & "piss-ass" that we didn't have time to make it back to the truck before dark so we would stay the night at the spike camp. After a long night of listening to either Dion's snoring, his bitching that I wasn't tending the fire and him poking my bare feet with the broom and telling me that it was a mouse, I was grateful for daylight. We headed out and Ray got a 4 pt bull around 11:30 am in the rainy snow. We couldn't be HAPPIER to have had the experience. Grace is a wonderful, kind woman, Stewart and his guys are great!! I'd do it all again!!!!

Sioux Pursell, The first "Piss-ass" to stay at spike camp.

First moose hunt, many thanks to Stewart, Grace and Jason - he put bulls in front of my two boys on Monday - we saw many more moose. The hunt was everything that we hoped it would be and so much more. Thanks again to Grace and all the guys at camp.

Brian, Jeff & Steve Barnes, NY.

The first moose hunt, the first time seeing a moose, taking a long shot and leaving with a 16 point bull. What a place, good people, good food and lots of moose!!!

Jeff Barnes, NY. Words can't even get close, it is a first that could never be forgotten. From the food at camp to the going home with two moose. Jeff's 16 pt & my 6 pt. Thanks to everyone at camp, Jason doing a great job in the field, can't wait to come back. All in all not bad for the "young fella" at camp.

Steven Barnes, NY.

Archie Saltzman, David Book & Bob Hudson from the valley in Nova Scotia. Best time ever, 3 days and 3 moose. Thanks to all. Stewart and I went for a road hunt because we were both cripple. Drove down the road five minutes from camp and shot a nice bull.

Good hunting. Lloyd Wells