Testimonials from our guests

Scenery from the camp.

Here is what our guests have to say after a week with Westwoods Outfitters.

2009 Guestbook Entries

John. C. Zahray - Indian Lake, NY - September 13th-18th, 2009
Nothing ever comes easy for me except hunting at Westwoods. First thing Monday morning at about 7:30am, Jason (my Great Guide) gave me the chance at a beautiful 13 point bull moose. One shot from my 350 Remington magnum was all that was needed. My sincere thanks to every one for such a Great Time.Respectfully Yours

Rich Rogers - Romney, WV
This was the experience of a lifetime. Have been dreaming of doing this since I was twelve years old and the dream finally came true. I'll never forget this as long as I live. Killing a bull on top of the mountain was absolutely thrilling, Jason hunts the way I like to and is an excellent guide.
God Bless

Chris Kelley - Galway, NY
This was an experience to remember for a lifetime, Beautiful Country, Great Hunting. Thanks to Grace for fantastic food and Pete for great spotting. Thanks To All For A Great Time.

Nicole M Brown - Grindstone, PA - September 20th-25th, 2009
What a wonderful experience! Will definitely come back in two years just to torment Dion! Shot my first moose, 7pointer with an odd rack! Grace is an awesome cook! Even though I have blisters on my feet the size of Canadian dollars thanks to Dion's walking, I will never forget this trip!!
P.S. Don't Believe Dion!!!

Joe Brown - Connellsville, PA
This was an awesome time, it was my first but definitely not my last trip t up here. Killed an 8point bull on second day after missing one in the morning. The food, guide and hospitality were awesome. Everything else was truly great. Met a lot of new friends, Gracie's cooking was to die for.
Great Trip!! Thanks Everyone!!!

John Picking / Jim Beman - York, PA / New Port Richey, Fla
October 3rd, 2009
Thanks for a great time, it was a hard week of hunting but very rewarding. Gracie, your cooking is to die for, can't wait to see what you can do in your new kitchen. Stewart you run a very good operation and you should be very proud. The guides are top notch.
P.S. 6 point & 10 point.
Thanks for everything.

Howard Atkin
WOW. It was a hard week finding animals but we made it. As usual everything was great, all the guides were great getting the moose within range. Food as always was superb, this camp gets better every year. Great Job All!!

Ken Becker - No. Blenheim, NY
7 years & 7 bulls!! First time in spike camp. Dion can cook but not well and he has successfully taught me how to gut my own moose. Great time and will be back for # 8th in 2010.

Greg Swinimer - Halifax, NS
Had a great exciting week, lots of nice people. Hoping to come back again.
Thank you.

Curt & Jan Albright - Coldwater, Michigan - October 12th - 16th, 2009
Had a wonderful time, everyone is so friendly and we really enjoyed all the joking around. Grace your hospitability and you're cooking is unbelievable!! Thank you all so much.
"Look Out For Dion!!"- From Sleepyhead - Jesse Albright

Marla Rossiter - Alma, NB - October 25th, 2009
Arrived at camp Sunday, went for a drive with Stewart's newest guide (he's a keeper). Found me a shooter cow within the hour. Not as fast as my dad but a lot sooner than my husband. Grace and Nancy brought the Argo to us then Stewart came and picked her up. Got back to the road at dark. My first moose and can't thank everyone enough!!!

Randy Fretsz - Myersville, Maryland
Ray Gestewitz - Lancaster, PA
Ronald R Frye - Myersville, MD
Brandon Leatherman - Myersville, MD
David Ward - Jefferson, MD
What a wonderful hunt!! The camp and scenery were phenomenal. Grace's cooking and hospitality was second to none. The guides worked their butts of to assure we were 5 for 5. As long as Stewart stays in business we'll be back!!!

Ross Templin
Had a great hunt as usual and got a cow on Tuesday and had a perfect time. Everything was perfect for our hunt but the weather.

Joe Jemioloz
Outstanding!!! All the comforts of home in prime moose hunting territory. Spotted 18 moose in 3 days, tagged a bull on 3rd day. Well worth the long trip from Buffalo, NY.

Sherry Harris - NS
Awesome!!! Food was spectacular, all the comforts of home and then some. Grace and Stewart(the odd couple) reconsider giving your notice(ha!ha!) & Stewart no new cook, you have a keeper!!!

Nancy Jonah - NB
Good Friends! Good Times!! As Usual!! Loved the hiking in the high country. The scenery is breathtaking. Typical Newfoundland hospitality got to be the best in the world. Grace you are a wonder, see you soon. Take Care All!!

Jack Monahan, Chad Gates - Maine
Patrick Lemke - Iowa - November 4th, 2009
Another great trip!!! 3 bulls, 15pts, 6pts and 5pts. Saw 20 animals, lots of rain and cool weather. Everyone again top notch in camp. Grace always so busy cooking, the best meals you can ever have. Thanks again for all you have done for us.

Brad Hall - November 7th, 2009
Dion got me my first bull, 10pts. The food was great and we all had a great time!!