Testimonials from our guests

Scenery from the camp.

Here is what our guests have to say after a week with Westwoods Outfitters.

2008 Guestbook Entries

Brian McLaughlin
"Enjoyed my first moose hunt and took a big cow on my first day. My guide Pete did a great job and all the guys were great. But the best thing after going out in the rain, wind and walking for miles was coming back to camp and eating one of Grace's Great Home Cooked Meals! Thank God for Grace!!"

Philip Parenteau, Hyde Park, N.Y.
"Back for another very successful hunt, terrific hosts, like returning to family. My second wonderful experience at Westwoods Outfitters. Thanks to everyone here!!!"

Glen MacMeekin & Crystal Ingram, Truro, N.S.
"This has been an unbelievable trip. We found the best outfitter in Newfoundland, the best cook (Grace) and the best friendship on earth. Lots of moose, knocked a 4 point bull. Second trip to Newfoundland with 100% success. We will be back!! P.S We Loves Ya!!"

Dan Covine, Barnegat, N.J.
"Stewart & Grace thank you for the best experience of my life hunting. The stalk was great!! Seeing nine bulls in two days was awesome. Seeing seven bulls in one spot and one of them a monster was something else. Everything and more I could have asked for. Guides great! Stewart and Grace were very special. Thank you!!"

Rich Olaskowitz, Dover, N.J.
"Thanks for a great time. Like all say, great people, great cook, great game and great guides!!! Looking forward to next time."

Ron VanDalnda, Paterson, N.J.
"I harvested a moose and had a great time on my first visit. The guides, food and accommodations were great. I look forward to a return visit. Thanks!!"

Desiree Garland, Woodbridge, Ontario
"This is one of the best hunting trips I have ever been on. Stewart and Grace are awesome, just like family; Dion is hilarious and fun to tease. I shot my bull, almost got a bear except it got spooked. I saw at least thirty moose. Thank you so much."
"P.S. Rule #1 "Don't believe anything Dion says!!!""

Charles Fronheiser, Greene, N.Y.
"76 years old, seven weeks after a rod in my leg and a pin in my hip, from cancer. My guide Peter went way out of his way to set me up to kill my bull moose on the first day. What a place this is, my second moose hunt in Newfoundland but first with Westwoods Outfitters and they are the best!! The food was outstanding and the cook, Gracie, good looking also."

Scott Lacey, Binghamton, N.Y.
"I got a 16 pointer second day. It was the 5th bull I saw, had a great time with excellent food. Thanks all!!!"

Chris D'Addezio, Downsville, N.Y.
"My third time back, it gets better every time. Hunted with Stewart and my huntin buddy Bill Kauffman, A.K.A. "Ducky". Again we tagged out the first day with 2 bulls within five hours. As we sit here swapping stories we are already making plans for our next hunt with Westwoods Outfitters in 2010. Thank you all for a wonderful hunt."

Tim Lacey, Downsville, N.Y.
"My third time here saw 15 moose, 4 bulls. Tagged out on the fourth day, 4 point bull. Food at camp was excellent and had an excellent time. I will be back. Thanks to all for a wonderful time."

Jerry D'Addezio, Walton, N.Y.
"I had a great hunt, tagged out the fourth day. Great food and made a lot of friends. I will be back."

Robert Rohrig, Wheeling, West Virginia
I had great hunt with Westwoods Outfitters. Bagged my first bull moose on the evening of the third day down at the river. Had a great time at camp. Peter, thank you for all your hard work, I really appreciate it. Stewart, Grace, Dion, thanks, very professional camp. I will be back with my son's. P.S. Grace you are amazing.

Ken Becker, No Blenheim, N.Y.
"Got my bull first day despite having Dion for a guide. Six years, five bulls the first day one on the third day. I'm not sure but I think Stewart and crew could get a blind cripple with one arm a moose in fact I saw them do it this week. Will be here next fall."

Bill Briggs, Prattsville, N.Y.
"Had a great hunt, got a moose (9 pointer) on the second day with Peter. Very professional crew but without Grace it would be just a good hunt not the best time and food I have ever had. Hope to return."

John Grande, Douglas, MA
Brian Williams, Dudley, MA
"This was a great hunt. First moose, learned a lot from Peter. Give it to em!! Give it to him again!!! Now Grace's cooking is the best. Had a lot of fun, great group of guys. Pete leave them sheep alone."

John Westerman, Endicott, N.Y.
"One of the best experiences I have ever had in life (69 years old). You guys and Grace are the best. We got what we came after by the end of second day - one cow and one bull."

Gary Mattson, Green Bay, WI
"Awesome time the hunt was great, the food was fantastic and the company was unbeatable. Stewart and Grace are great people and run a top notch place. All of the guides and team are really good folks."

Vincent J. Cacia, Philadelphia, PA
"This being the first time in Canada, what can I say. The country area is beautiful. The host all week were wonderful people, the guides work are to fill their tags. Grace is a wonderful woman and a great cook. Stewart is a great guy, helpful and friendly. I'd like to come back again, it was a great time spent.

Roger Rutter, Owego, N.Y.
"Saw 2 moose in central Newfoundland last year in a week. Saw 19 here in two days hunting. My friend and I got just what we hoped for. Dion did a great job finding animals. Had to be careful to try and not eat too much. I just need a small excuse to come back with a son or another friend."

Ardie Saltzman, Kingston, N.S.
"From Nova Scotia, came over November 1st, saw lots of moose. Got a big cow November 2nd. Cow and bull on November 3rd, lots of fun at camp, lots of fun with friends and staff. Bob Hudson, George Phinney, Brian Saltzman and Ardie Saltzman. Thanks for a good time and hunt."