Testimonials from our guests

Scenery from the camp.

Here is what our guests have to say after a week with Westwoods Outfitters.

2005 Guestbook Entries

Brian McLaughlin
"Enjoyed my first moose hunt and took a big cow on my first day. My guide Pete did a great job and all the guys were great. But the best thing after going out in the rain, wind and walking for miles was coming back to camp and eating one of Grace's Great Home Cooked Meals! Thank God for Grace!!"

Jon Freivald, East Meadow, New York
"Our guide, Dion, walked our legs off!! It was worth every step, as he had an uncanny ability to spot moose. The whole crew at Westwood's was a pleasure to be around. We all love Grace - she kept us full with her wonderful cooking and conservation. The lodge is a wonderful homey place - it always felt like coming home. This was my first moose hunt, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience."

Matt Freivald, Manassas, VA
"First time hunting ever, came up with my bro Jon. Dion Rocks!! Spotted me a moose first day, now I'm going home with 400lbs of meat. Grace is amazing and Dwayne is funny as hell! Thanks for an amazing experience!!"

Brian Morin & Dad Maurille, Southington, Conn.
"Rain, snow, sleet or hail iron sights will prevail. One moose and one caribou."

Jack Joy & Scott Wasel, Harwinton, Wolcott, CT
"Came with Scott, ask Dion about those iron sights and the 35 pt that became 31. Amazing cooking and hospitality, lots of animals. Tagged out with two moose and one caribou. Peter was great in everyway, along with everyone else. If your not happy and at home here....stay home. Thanks to all, especially Grace and Pete. A.K.A. "Little Red Riding Hood"."

Jack Monahan, Amherst, Maine
"Back again with son Patrick, who shot 13pt down in Hole in the Hump, I also got a nice moose same spot. Pius great guide, he knows his stuff! He needs a bigger bag to carry more of My Stuff. Thanks a lot for more memories. Grace is the best cook in Newfoundland. Thanks Stewart again for great guides and camp."

Doug Brown, Niagara Falls, Ont.
"A dream to come true to hunt Newfoundland. Stewart my guide, Grace is a great cook and she knows how to party. Try to take moose with 50cal knight disc elite just didn't work out, took 14pts at 200yd. Longest shot ever taken with 30-06, took a while to hit it but finally got it. Dwayne needs driving lessons on J5. Thanks to all and look forward to coming back."

Jim McGean, Upper Tantalum, N.S.
"1st trip to "the Rock" absolutely loved it! The very best of people and the Country, oh, oh, oh! I'd come back just for Grace's cooking, never mind the great Hunting. If God grant me life I'll be back! Many thanks!"

2006 Guestbook Entries

Stephanos Giannakopoulos, Astoria, N.Y.
"My tenth time hunting out here in Newfoundland and it was one of the best I ever had. The outfitter, Stewart, my guide, Peter, our cook, Grace and the rest of the crew, superb. The guides all of them number one and all the new hunting friends. I know my next hunt to Newfoundland will again be with Stewart. Thank you, all of you for the good hunt and time I had hunting moose and caribou."

Giulio DiVirgilio Jr., Astoria, N.Y.
"First hunting trip, beyond all expectations. The guides, the "Cook", the camp, all-outstanding. Got my first harvest, nice 18pt caribou. So I guess I'll start planning my next trip. No questions, right back at this camp. First class accommodations. Thanks."

Crist " The Greek", N.Y.
"Everything was just superb as usual. Good people, good accommodations and especially Grace's cookin (great looking teeth!!) Thank you all very much, especially all the guides. Take care see you all in 2008."

Wally Batt & Neil Newton
"Thank you, great time staying at the lodge was perfect. Had a great set of guides, Stewart can walk up hill better than I can walk downhill and can see moose faster than you can believe. Peter's great to spend time with and the van works as hard as he does. But of the whole time Grace "My Darling" makes the downtime go by and Dwayne needs just a little more time in a Looney bin. Thank you, We Will Be Back."

Chris Daddezio, Downsville, N.Y.
"Back again, was proud member of the Pius Fitness Club, I lost 5lbs per day but "My Dear Gracie" put it back on with awesome cooking. Super hunt, I will be back. Thank you Westwood's."

Joe Lacey, Downsville, N.Y.
"Second time hunting with Westwood's, shot bull one half hour out of camp and had a great time. Saw 13 moose, watch 4 get shot, food was great, thank you and I'll be back."

Tim Lacey / Sept. 20, 2006 / Downsville, N.Y.
"Saw 14 moose in three days, hunting was great, food was awesome. I will be back."

Larry Gordon, East Brookfield, MA
"Took one moose and one caribou, also member of the Pius Fitness Club. Had an excellent time. Looking forward to coming back..Thank you."

Scott Knight, Ashland, KY
"3rd trip to Westwood's, first time going to over night camp. Brought my friend, Brad for his first moose hunt and the SOB killed a 17 pointer the first day!! I missed a spike horn on the 2nd day at about 40yds, then killed one on the 3rd day at over 250yds. Peter and Stewart were great guides; Grace's cooking was terrific as always. Moose calling all over, great guides, outfitter and nightly entertainment with Dwayne. We will definitely be back!"

Brad McClave, Ashland, KY
"1st trip to Westwood's, definitely not the last. Terrific bunch of guys and gal. This hunt (whole experience) ranks one of the best of my life. The only bad part of the experience was going up to my thighs in a bog, at least Pete got a good laugh. Look forward to coming back. I am tickled to have harvested a fine 17 pointer. And a special thank you to my friend Scott for bringing me along."

Emerie Maillet, N.S.
"Love this place, got a 17 pointer. Next year we will be back."

Bill Smith, Walton, N.Y.
"My first moose hunt, could not have been better. Far exceeded my expectations. Great guides, great cook, great outfitter, all three the best. Not to mention the great hunting companions that I hunted with, Gary, Dion, Emerie, Pius, Neil, Peter and Dwayne. I must return again and relive a great experience."

Danny Jonah, Eric Rossiter & John Rossiter, N.B.
"As always our 2006 hunt was a fantastic experience. Dwayne and Stewart worked extremely hard to make sure we got our two moose and one caribou. And as always Gracie made sure we had plenty of great food to keep us moving. Especially enjoyable was our evenings back at camp, Grace and Eric (I must concede) ended up crib champions. Enjoyed all Dwayne's songs and laughed at all his jokes. We had some special time with special friends. Getting our moose and caribou was exciting; spending time at Westwood's with friends was special. Saw lots of moose, can't say enough."

Scott Erratt, Ont.
"WOW!!! Great guides, excellent hunt, good food. Thanks to Neil for the tips on how to handle a knife and the tip on driving an ATV. All the best in the future, Grace and Stewart we will see you again!!"

Dean Beckstead, Iroquois, Ont.
"I would like to write a book on this hunt but it would be hard to express my feelings. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! We will see you again!!"

2007 Guestbook Entries

Sept. 16, 2007
"Thanks again! Chris third trip, my second - he got a bull again, me the "Cow Killer" got another "Big Mama"! But I also got a really nice big shed so I'm only 1/2 disappointed(not really). It was a great trip, Grace is still amazing, Neal is fantastic, Dwayne's still as funny as a crutch and Stewart, Peter, Dion and Doug are also just as great. It might be a while but we'll be back!!! Thanks so much!!! Larry and Chris DeWind."

Sept. 14, 2007
"Where to start... Grace kept our stomach's filled starting early and ending late. Our days were filled with laughter from sun-up to sun-down. I would say after seeing sixty plus moose everyone here was not only given opportunity but selection which is more than could be expected on any hunt. While not experiencing the terrain, being entertained at the lodge, or taking animals, you can always be enjoying the epitomy of natures quiet and views that words and pictures can't express. As if all of this weren't enough I was blessed with a fourteen point bull and a wonderful stag woodland caribou. Thank you Stewart & Grace, Doug, Dwayne, Neil, Peter & Dion. All the best." Sincerely Brent & Kevin Halton

Zack & Kim Mitchell / Sept. 14, 2007
"Had the best trip my son and I could possible have, learned a lot. Dion was the best guide you could possible get. Seen lots of moose, lots of bulls, killed two 5 pointers, could have killed bigger, was our own fault. Hope to come again."

Don & Joe Kendall / Sept. 15, 2007
"Had a great time this week hunting moose and caribou. Everything here is top notch. The whole crew gave their best for the hunters "every day", not something you see everywhere. We will never forget & I know Peter will never forget the moose that did us a favor by walking across the river. Thanks for a very memorable hunt."

D. Bishop / Sept. 28, 2007
"I was here on this date and you were far away. I didn't see you but I hope you had as good of time as I have had sense I have been gone."

Harold Evans, G.A., U.S.A. / Sept. 28, 2007
"The guide carried me thru something called a bog. I was as lost as a hog in a drug store. An animal came by and he informed me that it was a moose. I fired my gun and now I have a bunch of moose meat to get down to Georgia. When I eat this up I will come back for another. Thanks for a great week and the twenty lbs of weight I gained laying around all week after shooting my moose."

Howard Atkin, N.Y., U.S.A. / Oct. 12, 2007
"Art Ballard, Howard Atkin, Ken Becker, Ed Leal, Robin Lowe, Tom Bonica, Jon Hitt and William Armlin. It's been a great week! 100% on moose and one bear. In all we shot 7 bulls & 1 cow. Moose were taken every day of the week. As usual the guides, the machine operator and the cook were once again great. The weather was nasty Mon. morning but let go about 2:00p.m.. I will be back 2008 or 2009. I shot my biggest moose ever, 23 point with large boards!!"

Art Ballard, N.Y., U.S.A. / Oct 12, 2007
"Great effort on everyone's part to make our hunt successful. Had a great time, hope to return."

Al & Barbara Vigna, N.Y., U.S.A. / Oct 19, 2007
"Spent a great week with the nicest bunch of people ever, a wonderful cook, knowledgeable guides and outstanding accommodations. We had a wonderful time with great memories. The four hour J-5 ride was awesome - once in a lifetime experience.The atmosphere was conducive to female hunters. This camp had everything - old timers with great stories - a warm stove and great conversation. We would love to return for another hunt. Have a great year."

Bill Woodhouse, N.S., Canada / Oct 19, 2007
"Another successful trip!! Many, many thanks to Grace and Stewart, Dwayne, Dion, Neil and my co-hunter Stanley(Bionic Man). I have nothing but praise for every little thing these people did for me. I may be back, I'm only 82 but in the meantime I'll live with many happy thoughts. Thanks allot."

Bill Burgess, N.Y., U.S.A. / Oct 19, 2007
"Wonderful time, well spent. Grace is great, swell guides - who worked their ass off for us. An experience I'll never forget. We're headed home with a full meat locker.
P.S. My deepest thanks to all!!!"

Bill Upford, Ont., Canada / Nov. 2, 2007
"Westwoods Outfitters are the BEST. Everyone was great. Always knew were the boys were too. Nice bull on the first day, shot 24 point caribou on the 2nd day. Grace was an excellent cook, Elias was a very good guide. I'm sure to return soon. Thanks to all!!"

Bob Dussou, N.S., Canada / Nov.2, 2007
"Thanks everyone for the great time. Westwoods is the greatest (well organized, efficient and comfortable). The camp is great, warm cozy and friendly. Stewart and Grace are a great couple who have created a gem in Western Newfoundland. The guides are very capable and know their stuff. The food and drink were extraordinary. The fellow hunters were great people and the lodge and hunting will be legendary. Thanks to all and best regards, this has truly been a wonderful experience."

Ross Templin, Ont., Canada / Nov. 2, 2007
"Had a great hunt for both caribou and moose. Great guide with Peter, I owe my success to him. Westwoods is great and they all pull together for a successful hunt and a good time. Thanks to all!! P.S. Caribou was 35 points with lots of mass."

J Rossiter / Nov.2, 2007
"Had a great week! Many thanks to Stewart, Grace, trusty guide Dwayne, Neil, Elias and "Hound Dog" Peter. Also thanks to Rod, Bruce, Jim, Bob, Bill and Hawkeye Russ, fellow hunters."