Testimonials from our guests

Scenery from the camp.

Here is what our guests have to say after a week with Westwoods Outfitters.

2017 Guestbook Entries

Sunday, September 10, 2017

We arrived at the moose lodge, the trucks were started and batteries charged. The J5s had all the tracks tightened, Grace made supper and it was great. Elias was to be my guide, we left the camp just before daybreak with Stewart leading out. Stewart stopped and Mr. Carl killed a small bull near the road before "Tommy's Knoll". We went on and turned on the "Spring Road". Elias stopped before we got to "The Broken Bridge" and I shot a bull in the heart. He came towards the road and Elias Said "Shoot him in the neck" and I did. The bull laid down beside the road and we drove up there. We got out and the bull raised its head. Elias said "Finish him behind the ear" I got close and finished him. First and second shots from 225 yards and the finish from 10 feet. My hunt was over by 7:30 am Monday morning and unloaded my gun. Back at the lodge, the meals were great, the stories were great and I got to go on a couple of moose recovery trips. I can recommend Westwoods Outfitters, and all their guides, and especially there cook, Grace Butland. Been here 5 times since 2003.
Tommy Overton & Joyce Overton, Clinton, Louisiana

Thanks to Westwoods Outfitters, I shot a moose on first moose hunt in Newfoundland. Our guide brought the moose right to us. I shot it in the right shoulder and my father in law shot it right after. It dropped 10ft from where we shot it and it was amazing, the experience was amazing. Thank You!!!
Ben Chez

Joe Moisoh, 2368 Lower Gregg Rd, SCHDY, NY

Thanks again. Great time with Grace and Stewart, Peter went moose fishing for the first time ever!!
Art Smith

Great time, good food, Pius is a mountain goat, shot bull Tuesday after 2 long days hunting, if you like to walk Pius is your guy. All the guides are great! Stewart and Grace top notch Camp!
Eric Mchok, LuthersBurg, Pa

First timer, will be back. Great guides, great food, great experience, great hunting. Will be back!
Greg Lavaniar, Frederick, Maryland - Jeff Lavaniar, Sumerset, PA

October 2017

First time moose hunt. Great time, great food, great guides, great people. Thanks to Ken and everyone for bringing me along. Hope to return with them soon. Thanks to Calvin for finding a Bull. Thanks Grace and Stewart for a great place.
John Drinon, Middleburgh, NY

Had a great time, great group, thanks again. Great person in the kitchen. She's the anchor!
Jack Crane, Clinton N.Y.

Stewart and Grace thank you ever so much for all the years of great moose hunting. Peter, Pius and Dion have been great guides and the experience just keeps getting better each year. I hope to be back 2019, till then thanks.
Howard Atkins, Saugerties N.Y, (845) 247-7412

Hunt of a life time, Great time, got my bull the first day.
Bob Townsend, Roxbury, New York, 607-326 7173

Had another great time, Thanks for everything!
Lance Dietz

This was my 5th hunt here and I have filled my tag each time. This time Stewart went above and beyond my wildest expectations and called in the largest bull I've ever seen. Once the bull was down the hard work began with Stewart field dressing the animal. Before we had a chance to load the animal another bull was spotted and the adventure continued for my hunting companion with another bull down. Kudos to Stewart and Grace for a 1st class experience. Great food and exceptional guides!!!
Fritz Becker, Stamford, NY

My first moose hunt with Westwoods. I shot a bull the third day. This camp is top notch. The staff is very "Exceptional". The food that Grace makes is the Best!! Peter the guide worked very hard for me! Thank you all!
Roger Cummins, Indiana, Pa

Everybody had a chance to kill - can not ask for more effort from all of the guides - some of us had health issues and they dealt with our problems and never complained. Grace does an unbelievable job. Thanks to everyone.
Leo, John, Bob, Chiece, GE, Kathy, Jeff & Roger, Indiana, Pa

Mr. Pius Anderson, we will meet again next year! Thank you to all!!
Keith Kaout

Great time was had by all, Lots of bulls. Got my first bull moose ever. Loved the meals and cooking, Guides are great. Thanks for the great time.
Gene Hehack, 301-416-0289

Great hunt! Great food! Great friends! Mondays hunt my 18-year-old son got a 16 pointer and I followed 15 seconds later with a 7 pointer. We met great people and had an amazing time. Calvin did great job! Grace was great and all the guys worked there butts off. We'll be back!!!
Bill Scheiber & Garrrett Scheiber, Huntington, Indiana

Great hunt gained 30lbs on the food. Got a moose on the 2nd day, had a lot of fun with the group of guys.
Ray Gestewitz , Lancaster PA

Second time at camp. Lodging and food even better this time. Grace's food was awesome. Pius walked us more than ever. Logged 35+ miles and with the help of Calvin, my hunting partner Jake and I tagged out on Thursday with nice bulls. Another great experience!! Best of all new friends Gene, Roy and Randy.
Matt Echert, Huntington, In

First moose hunt. This was such a great time! Great food and great guides that worked hard to get us to the moose. Meeting our camp friends was really cool and I'm happy that they were here with us. Getting moose was just icing on the cake!
Garrett Scheiber, Huntington, In

This was my first ever moose hunt. It was a tough week fighting the weather but Pius and Calvin got us onto 2 nice bulls. We couldn't be happier and now we have learned what 'Pius Miles' are. Grace cooked wonderful meals and was very accommodating. It was a great hunt and we look forward to coming back. Great outfitter and people.
Jacob Speicher