Testimonials from our guests

Scenery from the camp.

Here is what our guests have to say after a week with Westwoods Outfitters.

2015 Guestbook Entries

September 23rd, 2015

Wonderful people that go out of there way to make their clients feel at home. Great Food! Great camp. Stewart and Grace are great hosts. Ill be back again next year. Stewart and Grace have a good winter, and may God richly bless you both.
Wayne Janes, Amherst, Nova Scotia

You run a first-class operation and provided me with a great moose hunting experience. Elias put me on my first bull. A hunt that went down just like I always pictured it. He really knows his stuff and I would hunt with him anytime. All of your guides are full of knowledge and good guys too. By far the best food I have ever had at a hunting camp. Dean works his tail off on the J5. Thanks Stewart and Grace for a good week. I have got moose fever now and want to come back in search of a big bull. Go Dale JR. and have a good winter.
Stefan Churyk, Haddan Neck, CT, USA

Great Hunt, Great Camp, Great Food, We HAD A WONDERFUL TIME!
Walt Bono, Glastonbury, CT

Westwoods Outfitter a great hunting camp. Stewart and Grace will provide you with a quality hunt, excellent food and accommodations. Want the best, book it and be early.
Kenneth Kopacz, Port Charlotte, FL

Westwood Outfitters excellent camp, delicious food. Thanks again Stewart and Grace for an amazing lifelong memorable experience. And thanks again Pius for the stag of my dreams. 21 Pt. Stag
Matt Pauling, Montoursville, PA

October 1st, 2015

Thankyou Stewart and Grace for a great time. Calvin did a good job. Made for a memorable hunt. Look forward to hunting with you again!
Allan Spellman

Words can't say enough. Great time same as last, this is my 2nd. Hope to be back for a 3rd time.
Phil Beisel, Kingston, New York

Wow this has been the best hunt I have ever been on in my life of hunting and I have been on quiet a few. Elias tried to walk the bull out of me but failed because I kept up and got a 20 pt., Stewart figured he was 12-15 years old. The food that Grace cooks is awesome. Its just a damn shame I gotta sit out a full year to get back. I hope Elias don't get old and fat and can't keep up in 2017. Ha-ha.
Geno Juart, Punxysutawney, PA

Great guides, Great food, Great Hunting. This is a great place to come out and meet new friends, relax and enjoy yourself. Thank you
J Johnston

Great Hunt. All week was hot and windy. Friday brought cool and calm and I killed a great bull. Excellent Camp. Thanks for everything.
John Edmiston, Homer City, PA

Can't say a bad word about this camp. Grace, Stewart, Pius, and all the rest are the best. Can't wait to do this again. Thanks all.
Robert Calcavanha, Effert, PAv

October 7th, 2015

This is my second trip to Westwood Outfitters and the trips keep getting better and better. My congratulations to Stewart, Grace, Pius and Dean. For their professionalism and accommodations. Special thanks to Pius, who with his knowledge of the animals and woodman ship, found my bull when I though all was lost. I will be back soon.
Tom Corvo, Colebrook, CT

This is my third trip to Westwoods and it just keeps getting better and better. On the second day myself, Tom and Robert shot a 4x4, 4x3 and an 8x0. What a day. Will be back soon.
Eli Rascitta, Middletown, CT

Great week hunting moose. Shot a 6x6, and my brother in law shot a 3x3. Most importantly, the whole team at the camp is 1st class and atmosphere is welcoming. A+ on meals. Thanks John, George and Bill for allowing us to join the party. Great time!
Bruce Avetz, Lake Mary, FL - Bruce Shickora, Hometown, PA

October 15th, 2015

First time on a moose hunt. So happy that Ken Becker introduced me to Westwoods. On Monday the 12th I harvested a great 13-point 900lb bull @ Hakes bog @ 185 yards, 8:30am on the first day out of the week. Special thanks to my guide Calvin Morris, a fine young man. All in the same day, Ken and the Judge were hunting over at Spike Camp, they both harvested their bulls. Kenny had the most exciting hunt. He was charged and ran over by the bull after he shot him. He won the contest for the most eventful Hunt of the Camp. For sure!! Special thanks to Grace with her awesome cooking. Thanks to the whole staff here at Westwoods.
Jared Wood(Woody)

First trip for a moose hunt. Fantastic time, wonderful people. Grace is the best chef in Newfoundland. Calvin talked about how he killed a grouse by talking it to death. Thanks for everything.
Regards, Dan Tissiere

WARNING!!! Do Not Get To Close to a Wounded Moose. It Could Be Dangerous. I have personal experience being charged at and run over. Just bruised and cuts, very lucky. Moose #14 with Westwoods. I think that says enough about the service. P.S Good food.
Ken Becker, No Blenheim, NY

This trip started with one of our Hunters being an hour late at the start. Another locked the keys in the truck in Calais. The weather has been better than expected and I got my moose on the first day out behind spike camp. This is my 4th trip to Westwoods and each one has been better than the last. If you leave here without a moose it is probably your own fault. The Guides are great and I can't say enough nice things about Stewart and Grace.
'Fritz' Becker, Stanford, NY

Westwoods gets better and better. This was my tenth time and the improvements get better every year. The camp is like a 5-star hotel. Pius was my guide for the first time and it was great. I got to see more of the country than ever. I Shot a 3 pointer on Friday. Longest time it ever took but after 2 misses my gun was resighted. Then it worked. I will be back it 2017. I can't wait. Thanks to Stewart, Grace and Staff. As always, they were all great.
Howard Atkin, Saugerties, NY

Great week at Westwood Outfitters. Great People, Great Food and no shortage of walking. Seen lots of Moose and Ponds. Grace ad Stewart are great people and the food was excellent!!! Thanks to Elias and Pius for showing us around. Peter Fox got a 7-point bull.
Brent Creawick, Peter Fox, Moncton, NB

My first moose hunt, did not know what to expect but the moose hunting became second to the "amazing" Grace's cooking. I did get a big cow in front of the camp. Now known as either pajama bog or slipper bog. Will be back. Class act outfitter.
Terry Mociejeiork Athol, Mass.

4th time and still a first-class operation. Grace and Stewart serve up a great experience. And as everyone mentions, Grace's cooking is the best. Great group of guides that work hard to make sure you have a good hunt. Oh, and YES I did get a moose.
Larry Gordon, East Brookfield, MA

1st time here - wonderful people and outstanding food. Oh ya got a bull moose 1st morning. Will be back. Dorothy and Grace - outstanding cooking and conversation.
Randy Franz, Hood River, Oregon

These guys will get you a moose; or chance at a moose guaranteed! Great accommodations, greater food! If Calvin hadn't walked my butt off I would have gained weight. I'll be back soon.
Mychal Lucas, Hood River, Oregon

My 3rd time at Westwoods, as usual I had a great time and hunt, took my 3rd moose! Thanks Stewart and Grace and all the great guides for a super hunt! I'll be back in 2017 and hopefully again in 2018, thanks again!
Lou DiGirolamo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

God created it all when he created Newfoundland! He made a beautiful place and people! Westwoods is a great example of His works!
Jim, Pennsylvania

Most enjoyable hunt I have had in my life. Thank you for everything, I will remember this for a long time and will tell a lot of my friends. Thank You.
Terry McCarty, Franklin PA, 16323

November 2015

This is as close to heaven as we will get. Every trip is a new experience - every trip the Best! Eric got a nice cow and we got to see lots of country and some crazy weather. Blow & Snow to crystal blue sky's. We all gained more weight than we walked off. Thanks Grace for the fantastic feeds. Thankyou Stewart and Grace for the hospitality - see you in New Brunswick.
Marla, Eric & Daisy

This was my 1st time moose hunting and came to the best place. Stewart & Calvin went out of there way for me. Great time, and the food was unbelievable. Grace is the best cook. Hope to get back again.
Tom Rhine, Jersey Shore, Pa