Testimonials from our guests

Scenery from the camp.

Here is what our guests have to say after a week with Westwoods Outfitters.

2001 Guestbook Entries

Howard Atkin, New York
"Second time as good and better than first time. Pete (#1 guide for sure) is not paid enough. He has no heart because he hunted it out off me. I will be back in 2003."

Dale Lacey, New York
"Had a great time hunting, got moose first day out. Thirteen-point bull will be back."

Jean Moreau, Quebec
"What a great place! Some of us come to Newfoundland many times and this is the best place. The territory is wonderful. Stewart, Neil and all the guys are great, the food is great too."

Norm Graham, Connecticut
"Westwood's has a great hunt. The six of us had a top-notch hunt with outstanding guides (every guide was very good) We ate good, slept good and hunted hard with good success. Thanks for a good time."

Jim Kidwell, Columbus, Ohio
"Just plain fun, saw plenty of stags and had ample opportunity to take the one I wanted. Guides, Dion and Peter are hard charging guides with your best interest in mind. They will push you to get a good one. Food was great - thanks Pius."

Dan Musson
"We had to hike many miles but Dion and Peter kept us going. We saw plenty of caribou and beautiful country. Everyone had a lot of laughs back at the cabin. Everyone had a good time. The meals were hearty and plentiful too. Met some good guys from the Extreme Team and hope to hunt with them again."

Jerry DeFord
"Fun group of guides and a great outfitter. Really enjoyed ourselves and the game is plentiful. Everyone was successful!! Keeping the 100% alive!! Thanks again for the hospitality."

2002 Guestbook Entries

Bill Woodhouse, Inverness, N.S.
"Hunted lots of camps - finally found the No. 1 place to be!! Excellent guides, good food, accommodations, transportation. I'll be back. P.S. - Stewart and Grace - excellent hosts."

Jack Monnhan, Amherst, Maine
"Second trip, this time I brought my two sons. Very good time, best guides, great food and clean camp. I've been to two other outfitters in Newfoundland and by far Stewart provides the highest quality hunt of any. 6pt Jack, 4pt Pat, cow Steve."

Scott Knight, Veazie, Maine
"First moose hunting trip for me, second for dad. The hunt was outstanding; Neil, Stewart, Dion and Dwayne worked hard to get us our moose. The guides were outstanding, the food was very good and a great time was had by all. We will definitely be back in the future. Scott - spike horn, dad - 8pt."

2003 Guestbook Entries

Kris, Michigan
"Second time moose hunting, excellent hunt, plenty of animals and great country. I was impressed with the guides they all know the country without a doubt. Dion guided us; second day we both got nice bulls. Dion is a handful, plenty of bullshit, gets excited easy; just remember to give him shit back. Food was excellent, good job everyone."

Wayne, South Carolina
"First time hunting for moose, took a nice 11-point with a 35 inside spread. Neil was my guide. Impressive, great food."

Ken Clark, Buffalo, New York
"First time moose and caribou hunting. Dion was my guide and gets a little excited when moose is seen; shoot, shoot, shoot again. Got moose first day and caribou second day, one hell of a guide. Don't listen to Jamie, Grace is a great cook, Westwood's is #1 in my book."

Danny Jonah, New Brunswick
"The three of us arrived on Oct. 14th (Vaughn Fenton, Danny Jonah & Bob Cooke) with one moose and one caribou license. Both licenses killed by Oct.15th. Great 17 pt bull & 12 pt caribou. Thanks to great guides Stewart and Dion. Dean worked hard to get animals out of woods with J5. Stewart and Vaughn had a great day on the 15th with a 378yd shot for his bull. Dion took me on a very long trek to the back hills - he's like a bloodhound on the trail - he never gives up. I saw my first caribou in the wild and spent 1 1/2 hours stalking two until we got close enough for a shot. A thrilling hunt!! Thanks to Stewart for his hospitality and especially to Grace, always first up in the morning, never stopping all day. A trip, we will always be talking about and never forget."

Jesse James, Ossineke, N.H.
"Killed my first moose here, 14 pt after calling season. Had the best guide (Hawkeye) Neil. Saw ten by Thursday, ruff week, rain and wind. Had a barrel of fun watching Grace and Dion. I'll be back."

Bill Woodhouse, Inverness, N.S.
"Another successful hunt - once again I cannot imagine anyone wanting to hunt anywhere else! The best of guides, good accommodations, good food and most of all the way you get treated. God willing I'll be back."

Joe Zoccoli, St. Catharine's, Ont.
"This was a great time; saw more moose in 4 days than 15 years of moose hunting. This is a great operation. Grace did a marvelous job and is a wonderful ladie. Pius almost killed me; this whole province is uphill with the wind always in your face. Went up and shook hands with God on the face of the moon. Good luck boys and I'll be back. Thank you."

2004 Guestbook Entries

Randy Stacey, New York
"Thanks for everything; I had a wonderful hunt getting my Grand Slam with Dion. The food was the best I ever had on a hunt, she is some cook. Thanks."

Ken Kopaz
"Thanks for it all. Grace did a super job in camp and Neil got me another big one. Can't wait until next year. Thanks again."

Scott Knight, Ashland, KY
"Second trip with Westwood's and this trip was even better than the last. Peter put us on the moose right from the start. Called in my moose (6pt) in about ten minutes on the first day. Had to work harder for dad's moose, but Pete called in a 14 pointer for dad on the 2nd day. Grace kept us all fat and happy and made low sugar treats for dad. Thanks a million!! We will definitely be back in a year or two."

John Knight, Washington, IL
"I agree 100% with everything Scott has already said. Stewart runs the best hunting camp I have ever hunted from."

Rick Torri, Peru, IL
"The experience was surely "one of a kind"!!! The outdoors view of the land was breath taking. I had never seen a more beautiful piece of the world. The hunting was a job of it's own. It was the hard exercise of walking and walking that was the rough experience, but it surely paid off. I must say our scout (Pius) had darn good eyes to spot the lg. moose that I, with the help from my dad, shot at 302yds. Lastly the atmosphere at the cabin was joyful and the meals couldn't have been any better. THANKS."