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Caribou Hunting Information

"Bow or rifle hunting for Caribou ..... great challenges with very high success rates!"

Our hunting success is 95% and there is a real chance of taking home a trophy rack. Hunting for these impressive animals can be a real challenge as terrain and weather create unexpected obstacles.

The woodland caribou is a challenging, tough animal. Its favorite habitat is muskegs, bog forests and grassy areas. Unlike its cousin the barren ground caribou, of Labrador and Quebec which migrate over great distances and in large numbers, the woodland caribou tend to remain in the same general area and gather in smaller numbers. Woodland are heavier, stockier and their antlers are more compact and have more mass. They are darker in color overall but adult males have beautiful white capes during the fall.

We hunt caribou primarily by spotting and stalking...this challenges the skills of our hunters.

Newfoundland caribou hunting is an experience that will last a life time. Great scenery, an excellent camp and tasty food.....a great way to build memories with friends or family.

"I hope you join us"

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