Westwoods Outfitters, we are premier hunting outfitters in Newfoundland, Canada

Moose Hunting

The moose hunting in our region is excellent…using a rifle or a bow. This majestic animal will challenge your hunting skills and provide you with life long memories. We have a near 100% success rate on moose hunts.

Newfoundland moose hunting needs to be experienced to understand the unique pleasure of stomping though woods and bogs in pursuit of the most impressive animal in North America.
Are you looking for a big game hunting experience? Here at Westwoods Outfitters we live and breathe big game hunting. Our guided tours will ensure the best hunting trip imaginable. Located in Newfoundland Canada, we are your premiere hunting outfitters.

Our exclusive but affordable hunting trips are almost guaranteed to give you the experience of a lifetime. With our rugged landscape and highly knowledgeable guides, you are sure to come home with a bunch of memories and a few extra meals. Big game hunting is our true passion and we pride ourselves on being one of Canada’s premier Hunting destinations.

Let the guides at Westwoods Outfitters bring you to the best spots to give you maximum exposure to big game like Moose, Caribou and Bear. Our hunting trip packages are affordable and competitive. With our guided hunting, you will bring home the best results. Our guides have a hands-on approach, and are professional in every way.

We are dedicated to providing the very best guided big game hunting in Newfoundland Canada. Our affordable packages range from single hunter trips to full groups. The rough Newfoundland terrain is great for all outdoorsman. With the beautiful terrain and the overwhelming stock of big game, it will ensure you don’t go home empty handed.

If you’re looking to hunt Moose, Caribou and Bear in Newfoundland Canada, you’ve come to the right place.

Caribou Hunting

Our hunting success is 95% and there is a real chance of taking home a trophy rack. Hunting for these impressive animals can be a real challenge as terrain and weather create unexpected obstacles.

The woodland caribou is a challenging, tough animal. Its favorite habitat is muskegs, bog forests and grassy areas. Unlike its cousin the barren ground caribou, of Labrador and Quebec which migrate over great distances and in large numbers, the woodland caribou tend to remain in the same general area and gather in smaller numbers. Woodland are heavier, stockier and their antlers are more compact and have more mass. They are darker in color overall but adult males have beautiful white capes during the fall.

We hunt caribou primarily by spotting and stalking…this challenges the skills of our hunters.

Newfoundland caribou hunting is an experience that will last a life time. Great scenery, an excellent camp and tasty food…..a great way to build memories with friends or family.

Bear Hunting

Bear hunting is a popular sport in Newfoundland as we have one of the largest bear populations in Canada. Bear licenses are available upon request and a bear license can be easily added to your moose hunt so you can experience the ultimate hunting adventure, a moose bear combo hunt!!!

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